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Baby #1 got the simplest gifts, not because I love her mom any less than any of my other friends, but because when I checked in with her parents, it turned out she already had lots of people pledging to make things AND my friend had some disturbing memories of some horrid crochet dolls from her childhood.

Alright then, I won’t argue with simple and easy!

Having already made three grownup pink cat hats in January and February to send off to friends and family, it seemed right to make one for this little girl too. I recently just heard back from my friend that she sent her daughter to daycare wearing the hat on “homemade hat day” recently and it was a hit with the carers, so I count that as a serious win for all involved.

(even Bonkers)

The measurements for the baby cat hat are 8 inches across, and 7.5 inches from the top to the edge, by the way.  Rather than crocheting it flat and seaming the whole thing, as that pattern that went around online called for, I crocheted the crown in alternating rows of single crochet and double crochet until it was about 7.5 inches deep, then folded it in half and did the ribbing in the round (2fpdc, 2 bpdc) for another 3.25 or so inches. I used an F hook for this.

I also made a little vest for baby #1. The pattern is super easy to follow and I like that it let me use some neutral cream yarn and embellish it with a little bit of color.


The pattern is May Flowers, available free on Ravelry. It’s not widely used yet and I don’t understand why. In this baby-gift mill I’ve been operating this year, I really enjoyed making two of these and they both worked up super quickly. For me at least it’s the perfect balance of simple, mindless crochet with a chance to be creative thrown in as well in the flower doodles. Check it out yourself if you’ve got baby presents to make…