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The last time I updated this blog, I’d finished off my aunt’s shawl made from yarn unraveled from her favorite but falling apart cardigan. It made me really happy to finally try a pattern I’d had in my library for years, to send that yarn back to its owner in a pretty new form, and to not have to move that yarn to our new home, ~1000 miles from our old one!

In the six months since then (eeeek!), I haven’t made much, even though plenty of yarn did make the move with us!

What little have I achieved in my crochet since then?

1) I sewed buttons on my red granny cardigan (haha but didn’t sew in the ends just in case I still want to move them & also because I hate sewing in ends) and wore it to work as a subtle Halloween costume. So subtle no one seemed to notice I was in costume. I guess that means it can be part of my regular clothing rotation?


2) I made ONE christmas present – a grocery bag in cotton for my brother and sister-in-law. The pattern is called Nonstop Net and it works up really quickly. Nicely written out AND charted, with helpful diagrams for everything. Somehow I still managed to mess it up and the sides aren’t exactly symmetrical, but it still works! And is big enough to hold a watermelon or pumpkin, I suspect. Haha.


3) Saving the best for last: FROGCAT.  🐸 😸 ??


Why frogcat?  It’s sort of a long-standing our-home-specific corruption of the word “groggy”  into “froggy,” which then has turned into saying “I’m a frog” instead of “I feel groggy.”   With Gossy taking many naps and then slowly blinking herself back into consciousness probably dozens of times a day, she is our home’s froggiest occupant.

Obvious, right?   Haha ok no, we’re just strange I suppose.

Anyway, Gene came up with the idea for Gossy to have a specific blanket just for her, rather than getting covered in our cast-off clothes or bathrobes.   He drew up an incredibly technical schematic:


Over the course of a weekend, I translated this into fabric.  We abandoned the idea of a tie – no sense getting her tangled in it.  Now Gossy spends lots of time snuggled up under her frog, and months later, we’re still getting great amusement out of seeing frogcat.


Looking forwards into 2017, I have my work cut out for me! Three dear friends are having babies in April-June, so it’s time for me to sort through my stash for baby-appropriate yarn (or go yarn shopping, oh my goodness!) and make some cute hats and other gifts.

Small projects like this are fun to look forward to.  I’m incredibly busy with my new job as my last six months of barely any crochet prove, but if I can make a frogcat blanket in a weekend, I can certainly make a baby hat or two in the same amount of time.

Happy new year and happy crafting to you all!