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Over a year ago, my aunt brought me a beloved cardigan that had been darned a few too many times to keep wearing. She asked me if I might want the yarn. You all know how my stash of yarn has been overflowing in recent years and I’ve been trying to decrease its size, not increase it. But in this case, for this yarn that I knew I’d figure out how to give right back to her, I could make an exception.

It was fiddly to work with because it consisted of two unplyed stands: a tan/silver thicker cotton/acrylic one and a thread in either blue, orange, or brown. I managed  to keep it all together while unraveling and then again when crocheting it.


Pattern: Silver Bells Shawl

I like the pattern a lot. Initially skeptical of doing the last round of picot stitches for the edging, I’m glad I did. They add an essential dimension to the piece and pull it all together.


I hope she likes her “new” shawl!