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We’re moving in about 6 weeks, so I’m packing and sorting through everything. Making some difficult decisions about things that, while I might have strong feelings about, maybe haven’t seen the outside of a box/closet since we moved in here 3 years ago.

I haven’t crocheted any clothing for myself in ages, probably because the pieces I already have aren’t things I love all that much.

The shrug below has already been unraveled. The yarn, which I like, will be better in something else.

Pattern: Maui Shrug

The next two have both been bagged up and boxed away, even if they’re not perfect.

This red little thing is the first piece of lace I ever attempted. The yarn, Caron Simply Soft, is not holding up well even through I’ve barely worn it, but feeling gas won out over function for now.


Pattern: Short and Sweet

This cream top still has potential, although I need to figure out how to stop it from sliding off my shoulders.


Pattern: Babydoll Dress

This last piece is sitting on my desk note as I write, making me go back and forth on my decision about its fate. I think I want to unravel it?  It was a pain to make (read my Ravelry process notes here) and I’ve only ever worn it once. Crocheted dense summer wear doesn’t make much sense… but something is making me hesitate and I don’t quite know what. 


Pattern: Red Hot Halter

What do you think?  Keep, toss, or unravel?