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“The time has come,” Gossy said, “to write of many crafts.”

“Which crafts, Gossy?”

“Miao. Miao. Miao.”

“You’re no help.”


Since I last posted here in August 2015, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve done much. Aside from a set of baby presents (hat, booties, cardigan – all basic patterns I’ve posted about before) and a big squishy red scarf for myself (pattern here), little has been completed.

But that’s because, as of a few days ago, here’s what the top row of my Ravelry project page looked like:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.13.59 PM

See all those projects above 95%?  Three of them just needed to be blocked and have their loose ends sewn in. Instead of writer’s block, a state of being I’m getting frustratingly used to living in, I had blocker’s block.

Gossy was no help so instead I posted a picture of the three unblocked shawls to instagram.  Something about that helped me feel more accountable about finishing.


As of this morning, the Geoui and Nervous shawl have been blocked and sewn up. Finished! Action shots later when the light gets better.

And this lovely HUGE lace shawl is blocking on the futon behind me as I type.


The gradient baby blanket needs to be machine laundered and dried (to test its durability before giving it to someone with a newborn and no time for the nonsense of handwash delicates). I think there are a few ends to sew in there too.

And the granny cardigan?  I guess maybe that’s what I’ll pick up next if this bout of completionism continues.

Even if I’m not blogging regularly, I’m a bit better at keeping track of my work on Ravelry and instagram.

Want to help me keep accountable for another project, one that’s been languishing even longer?

Next up – finishing that huge granny square blanket.  I have the yarn. The ends are all sewn in.  I think there’s no way to do a systematic color progression with ordered chaos of 144 totally different squares.  My idea now is to dump them all into a huge bag, mix them around a bit, and work them together drawing them out one at a time. No system, just ordered chaos.  It could work!