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2015 is really turning into year of the granny square. That’s not all I’m working on, but granny squares make up most of the projects I’ve started and finished by the year’s fast approaching midpoint. (Midpoint? Augh, where did it all go?)

Anyway, yesterday I completed the last of the 50 squares that will come together into a pair of ridiculous shorts for Shef, which I last wrote about back in April.


Excited by that progress, I finished the first row, of two, for both legs and tried the thing on. Shef & I are different sizes, but you get the idea.


With only one row of squares, the inseam is just 4.5″, too short for my taste. All that’s left now is to work the final green rows, joining as I go, on the last 10 squares, maybe add some edging along the leg bottoms and top, figure out some way to keep these up (lacing is in order, I think, and maybe some elastic), and sewing in ends.

Oh right, see all those ends hanging down?

At 50 squares with 4 color changes per square, that comes out to 8X50 ends to sew in.

400 ends.

Gah. My favorite.