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Last year around this time, I was up to my ears in yarn, having received three huge packages of it in the mail from crafters whose own stashes were overflowing. I was, to put it simply, incredibly grateful for it all.


At the same time, they had passed their overflowing yarn stash problems over to me. A problem I actually quite enjoyed, of course.

A bag or two of yarn went to my grandmother, who knits and crochets for charity. A smaller box went off in the mail again. (If yarn could speak, it might say it was getting awfully tired of all that travel!) I used a good amount of the new yarn in projects that I gave away and I’ve since been plugging away at those granny square baby blankets that will eliminate a lot more yarn from my stash.

Back in January, I spent a few hours dissecting my entire yarn stash, reorganizing it into different bins, designating an entire 16 gallon (68 liter) bin for yarn that I’d be happy to see find a new home. Instead of vaguely telling friends I have yarn I think they might like, this bin lets friends pick through all the yarn that’s up for grabs and make their own choices, without the awkwardness of anyone asking to have yarn that I might already have plans for.


Last Thursday, I was able send a good friend home with a grocery bag full to overflowing with wool and wool blend yarns in a rainbow of colors, all yarn that she never would have bought for herself. All gifts to me, now gifts to her. She’s inspired and said she’d spend the whole evening browsing Ravelry looking for new projects.

All in all, I’m grateful for giving – for the blessing of being a recipient and the joy in being a giver.

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