Let me review earlier mischief involving my neighbors’ lawn ornament.

First, I made her a sunhat back in 2012.


Then I made her a winter hat in 2013 and took the sunhat away to be bleached of the moss that had grown on and in it.


Then last spring once it really seemed like spring was here to stay, I replaced the sunhat and retrieved the winter hat, throwing it away because its fabric had gotten rather gross and since it wasn’t white, I couldn’t bleach it.

When winter rolled around again last year, clearly I needed to make her a new hat, and I did, but then forgot to photograph it. Also, in my hurry to get the new hat on her without detection, I couldn’t untie the sunhat’s knots and so it ended up hanging on her single arm like a purse.

Earlier this week, I was incredibly amused to discover that my neighbors have apparently decided spring is here to stay and switched her back into her old summer hat, using the winter hat as her purse.  I may have to snag the winter hat, wash it, and think about what else I could do for her instead this year.    Maybe a real purse with some flowers in it?


Also, someone that wasn’t me added the dinosaur.  I love it!