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Like many participants in A Playful Day’s “Love Your Blog” Challenge, I went back through my early blog posts while thinking about what to write this week in fitting with the “Beginnings” theme. Good thing too as I was able to fix a bunch of broken picture links from before I hosted my photos with WordPress. Aside from being reminded what it was like to be building a yarn stash rather than working through destashing, I didn’t find much inspiration there for this post, however.

To be honest, my mind has been on endings more this year than beginnings. Getting ever closer to the end of my graduate career with no new beginning in sight yet. Supervising the dissolution of what remains from a retired professor’s personal book collection. Groaning when the alarm goes off, always too early, at the beginning of the day and looking forward to it ending, back in my very comfortable bed.

How does craft fit in with all this?

Those little remnant balls of acrylic yarn, odd ends of old projects – others’ and my own, are finding their new place in a silly project I’m working on for an old friend, Shef.

Shef & I almost exactly 10 years ago.

Shef & I almost exactly 10 years ago.

Shef was one of my roommates during the first two years of college, back before all this graduate school and job hunt began. She was there when I was first learning to crochet and made a few ill advised projects, including a horrid looking coat-of-many-colors out of leftover yarn from my grandmother’s stash and a scary monkey doll.

Digital Camera

A couple months ago when that post about men’s shorts made from vintage crocheted blankets suddenly started popping up on all my social networks, I joked to Shef that in the tradition of making ugly things, I should really make her a granny square one. In all seriousness, she said that she’d love it, and so I began.



It’s been hibernating for a month or so, but I’m confident I can finish it sometime this summer so that Shef can dazzle her friends and neighbors with its kitschy brilliance.

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