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Two forces have come together to inspire my return to blogging.

First, yesterday Gene and I did some serious organization of some of my craft supplies, taking advantage of the little library card catalog cabinet I picked up (for free!) last Friday. After spending an enjoyable hour sorting and organizing, we ended up with this:


Gene said I should post about it on Gossycrafts, and I replied that Gossycrafts was basically dead because I haven’t been making much lately. Which is really a pity, isn’t it? I still get traffic and I still enjoy thinking about crafting, even if I don’t give myself the time to indulge in it much anymore.

Secondly, Kate from A Playful Day is kicking off a “Love Your Blog” Challenge today, hoping to inpsire craft bloggers to fall back in love with their blogs, starting off with blogging about “Interaction and Community.”

When I started Gossycrafts ages ago (almost 5 years ago, I think), I hadn’t anticipated the kinds of connections I’d end up forming, and the immense kindness of the online crafting community. I’ve made friends (Quince Tart and Yulianknits come first to mind, but there are certainly more) , found new blogs to follow (including A Playful Day).

The connections I’ve formed have even inspired the projects I am (slowly, intermittently) working on over the past few months: Granny Square baby blankets

Inspired by the enthusiasm of Granny Squares of Love, and the joy I get from the simple, meditative process of making granny squares, I have been working to use up odds and ends of acrylic yarn on baby blankets, which I’ll eventually mail off to North Carolina. A connection I would not have found but for this blog.


So far I’ve made four blankets (which are all roughly 30″ wide) and have started on a fifth.

I’m only using yarn in quantities that will allow me to make at least one complete row around the square, meaning I still have a bunch of little balls of acrylic left – for another granny square project that’s slowly coming together. More about that another day, I promise!

What are you working on?

A Playful Day