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Sigh.  Being on the job market, trying to finish my dissertation, and slowly recovering from an RSI have wreaked havoc on my crochet productivity over the past few months. I made a few small things that I hope to get caught up on here. I crocheted only one (1!) Christmas present.  I have made no progress on my two long hibernating big projects – the lace weight red cardigan and the giant granny blanket.


Here’s what I’ve been thinking about recently, however.

Below, on the left, is a grey 70% wool / 20% nylon / 10% cashmere sweater that I bought almost 5 years ago, right when I started getting into unraveling sweaters and working with recycled yarn, a little before I started this blog. IMG_1522

Along with a baby present – hat and pair of booties – see below for what else this sweater has since become:

From head to toe:
Honeycomb neckwarmer
Button cowl
(both of the above cowls are also often worn as headbands, since I have too much hair for a hat now)
Ribbed cowl (meant for Gene, but he never wears it so I do when it’s awful out)
and, just finished yesterday:

Yarn usage
Headband: 33g (includes weight of frog)
Honeycomb neckwarmer: 50.6g
Button cowl: 51g (this includes weight of the buttons)
Ribbed cowl: 96g
Legwarmers: 100g

I weighed the remaining two balls and found I have 110g left. What to make next? Should I be all matchy-matchy and make myself some mittens or fingerless gloves with the remainder? I’d probably still have yarn left after that. It strikes me an entire winter set in this grey might seem a little silly though, especially if worn all together.

Any ideas?