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Pattern: Quinty Shrug
Recipient: Mom

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited any crochet blogs, including my own. I’m a little behind on sharing completed projects, but the truth is that there haven’t been all that many to speak of. I’ve only just recently picked my hook and yarn up again after a long break.

In late August, I finished this shrug as belated birthday present for my mom. I didn’t mail it until late September, which means my mom got it as a VERY belated birthday gift.


I made this shrug out of recycled yarn from my friend Janelle’s old sweater, which I wrote about ages ago. The color is perfect for my mom, but the yarn was too thick, so the most fiddly part about the whole project was separating the two ply yarn into single strands to get the weight I needed. It was worth it!

Quinty is a great pattern. The only thing I changed about it was to add a little extra length to the sleeves by repeating the set up rows a second time before starting the lace. I like the effect enough that I’ll probably do the same the next time I make the pattern. And yes, there will certainly be a next time, if not many next times. I’m really happy with it and I hope my mom can find a use for it!


You’ll notice I’m wearing a brace on my left wrist in the above photos. In mid August, I finally went to my school’s clinic to be seen about some pain, weakness, and tingling in my pinky, ring, and middle fingers that I’d been dealing with on and off since June. The initial diagnosis by a young GP was carpal tunnel, which made no sense to me because my thumb wasn’t bothering me at all. I dutifully wore that brace for ~3 weeks, including while I slept, before going in to get a second opinion from the school’s sports medicine physician because it wasn’t really helping.

Turns out the problem wasn’t in my wrist at all, but in my elbow. Somehow, I’ve ended up with a condition called Golfer’s Elbow. It’s not clear what caused it. I have a different brace now, a small one to wear below my elbow that’s surprisingly comfortable and helpful.


Knowing to ice my elbow instead of my wrist has helped a lot too. I still wear the wrist brace when I sleep, but at my follow up appointment 2 weeks ago, I was told that I can begin tapering off both braces now that the tendon is showing signs of recovery. For now, I’m being very conservative about giving up the brace, as well as being conservative about how much crochet I indulge in. I spend all my days at a keyboard right now and no amount of stretching is able to make my wrists totally ache-free.

There are a couple things I’m still working on, of course, because totally eliminating crochet from my life would make me even more stressed than I already am with school. I hope to share them with you soon!