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Last weekend, Gene and I went up to Minneapolis, MN for the wedding of my college friend Kat. I’d already ordered her and her husband a tea kettle that they had on their registry, but something about registry gifts feels so generic…

No, I didn’t make more mug cozies. I ordered some flavored black and green teas from a store another friend highly recommended (having now tried two of them myself, I am less than enamored, but I think I prefer strong, straight black or green tea to anything lighter and flavored) and then, taking an idea from my presents for Sara’s bachellorette, wrapped them in old maps and crocheted a basket as a gift bag.

Pattern:Diamond Trellis Basket by Make My Day Creative
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton, held double
Hook: J

My wonderful next door neighbors moved last week, which would be sad except that they only moved a block away. In moving, they found a pair of fancy Chinese tea mugs someone gave them, in their original packaging, which they’d never gotten around to using. Openly regifting it to us, we’ve now decided to regift it to my friend, having more than enough mugs for our own use. The mugs themselves are really pretty, so I also think they fit in with my tea-themed wedding gifts, actually bringing the theme together even better.


The bride and groom bonded over their shared love of travel, so I made the case that the mugs came in, which was purple and decorated with Chinese Bronze Age drawings and had ugly yellow string handles, look a bit more appropriate. (It occurs to me only now that I probably should have gotten a before photo.)


I added a couple maps to that too, along with some other cutouts from vintage books I’d saved from library sales for crafting purposes. I realize it looks amateurish, but I also think it’s much cuter than the original case. I hope my friend didn’t find it ridiculous. I think Gene’s too kind to tell me if it did, especially after I spent over an hour working on it.