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When I tweeted a photo of the mug cozies I made for a friend, the mother of another friend expressed her admiration for them. Aha! Another excuse to use up scraps!

This time, I found a bunch of brightly colored wool scraps in the Cape Cod haul.

I used up as many tiny scraps as I could, which makes the striped cozy look a bit zany. See all the tinier scraps left over? In the end, the only usable yarn I was left with was a quarter ball of seafoam green which I then gave to my friend who’s working on knitting a hexipuff blanket.


What really made me happy was that, when I went through my collection of buttons, I found one for the blue cozy that matched the bright colors of the stripy cozy. It made them look much more like a matched pair!

My friend’s mom sent me photos of them in use, followed by a delightfully sweet thank you card. I’m so happy to be able to spread a little joy with these scraps of yarn. It’s really a great feeling!