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It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about crafting that I actually had to go back and read my old posts to see where I left off!

In the past month, I finished (ok, so I still have ends to sew in) the secret project, made two more mug cozies, and made another Geoui scarf. I also started another secret project and a cotton basket. More on all of these soon.

I’ve been taking things slow, not just because it’s been a bit warmer, but also because my wrists have started aching a bit. I don’t actually think it’s from crochet, but crochet aggravates the pain caused by too much typing on my computer and awkwardly holding my tablet when I read in bed. I’m confident that through stretching, resting, and icing when it gets bad (which I haven’t had to do in about a week!) that I’ll be fine, but it’s annoying too. There’s so much I want to be working on!

Let me start with the Geoui Scarf. Why another one? Back in March, I attempted this pattern for the first time with what turned out to be far too little yarn. Fortunately, Gene’s mother being the fashion icon that she is, actually loved the little teardrop cowl and adopted it for me.

Coincidentally, I’d already begun making another, this time with enough yarn, as a
present for my mom this past Mother’s Day. I loved how it turned out. When I hit a lull in my works in progress, not wanting to cart around the secret project or get back to my long-neglected hoodie, I started yet another Geoui.

In March, Ravelry user/designer Manfredovna sent me a massive amount of worsted weight acrylic yarn for my granny square blanket, accepting no payment in return. I’d always intended to make her a scarf or a shawl to say thank you, but it took me months to get around to actually making it. All the more surprise when it arrived in her mailbox, I guess?


This time I used some 70% lambswool, 20% angora, 10% nylon yarn that I’d unraveled from a sweater years and years ago. It’s a heavier weight than the lace thread I used for my mom’s scarf. I also went up from a G hook to an H hook.


I like the finished product so much I think I’m going to have to make myself one someday. Yes, ANOTHER Geoui. Yulianknits, could you have imagined I’d fall so in love with this pattern when you gave it to me?

Oh, and when Manfredovna received her scarf, she sent me a copy of her newest pattern. Her generosity overflows! The pattern is for a cotton market bag, called Nonstop Net. I’m excited to try it out when I get the chance!