It has been a terribly long while since I wrote about crochet! Let me try to get all caught up.

I am 14 rows away from finishing my giant secret project, a gift for a friend who reads this blog, and so I still must keep mum about that. I put in a ton of work on it two weeks ago, but then my wrists started aching and I took a few days off. Then the weather got warm and there’s no comfortable way of working on this in the heat.

The secret project has been a lot of fun. In the end, it should use up about 10 skeins of worsted weight yarn. I dove through my stash looking for yarn that matched (hard to do when you have a lot of scraps) and that I also had in enough quantity. My handy scale helped me out quite a lot! I was able to extrapolate from weighing a swatch to figure how much yarn the final product would consume. It was lots of fun to be doing math again. This is all my college physics major is good for anymore, I think.

Can you spot my bizarre error?

I can’t wait to share the final piece with you. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon and can deliver it to my friend!

Also, I really want to write up my results of actual yarn consumption and measurements vs. the calculated ones, just to see what percentage error I end up with. Yes, basically a crochet lab report.