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What do you make on the occasion of your ex-boyfriend’s ordination to the Catholic priesthood?

A fancy cross bookmark, of course! Displayed here on an H.P. Lovecraft book because he’s the one who, ages ago, introduced me to Lovecraft’s horror fiction long before I was really able to appreciate it.

Pattern: Lacy Cross

Actually, given that he’s into fire dancing (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the most interesting Catholic priest in the world 🙂 ) and Pentecost is approaching, I originally wanted to make him something that featured fire or tongues of flame, but didn’t see any patterns worth making. I’d still love to figure out a project built around the idea of fire someday, but not with a backlog of projects needing to be made like I have now. Maybe also in consultation with him, rather than as a surprise gift.

I made another for my grandfather, who is a minister, and dropped it in the mail a couple days ago with his rather-late birthday card.

Gene thinks they’re really pretty and that I should make one more for us to hang somewhere in our home. Eventually, perhaps. Too many other things to finish first!