I’ve actually blocked and finished the big green shawl, but haven’t posted pictures of it yet. Soon.

I’ve also made a secret project that I’ll be able to reveal next week, I’m working on another lace scarf, I’ve made a couple thread bookmarks as gifts (more on that later too), and even made a few more granny squares for that gigantic blanket.

Since I’ll be left with only two WIPs by the time these are complete, I started doing a little research for my next planned project. Given that’s another surprise for someone who may read this blog, I won’t be able to say much about it for a while.

HOWEVER! In the course of looking at patterns on Ravelry, I discovered these delightful crochet horrors.

Autumn Spice

Woodland Hills


Everyone Can Snuggle

Fear not, my next project isn’t a 10 pound crochet man-snuggie for Gene. snrk. I found these by looking for patterns that use 2100+ yds of yarn.