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Another perfect pattern by my friend YuLian, but with problems introduced by yours truly.

Pattern: Geoui
Yarn: Aarlan Toledo from the Massachusetts windfall

So, before I get into how thoroughly I messed this up, let me say that the pattern is flawless and definitely worth purchasing. As soon as I feel I’ve caught up with my works-in-progress, I’m going to properly start another one of these shawls.

Geoui is one of those patterns that definitely lives up to the descriptor “potato-chippy,” which I’ve heard crafters use to describe projects where, at the end of each row, you think, “Oh, I can do just one more…”

Worked side to side, the lace edging works up really quickly, and the sections of plain double crochet race on by.

Which is how I got myself into trouble. I assumed, not looking carefully, that I had four balls of yarn in the same color. Seven edge motifs in, I realized that there were only two skeins, and that the second skein was a partial one. Augh! And the yarn is SO NICE…

I went ahead and “finished” the shawl, making it into an asymmetric paisley boteh, but I think it’s too weird to send off as a gift to the Raveler who sent me all that yarn for my acrylic granny square blanket.


I added some metal buttons and it’s now an interesting looking cowl, but it’s not really my style.

IMG_20140320_155312 (1)

Anyone think it’s the perfect addition to their wardrobe?