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Ever since November, I’ve been slowly working on what’s going to be a gorgeous lace shawl whenever I finally finish it.

Maybe it’s about 70% done now?

From Clipboard

Pattern: Hanataba by Joyce (YuLian) Yu
Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro

I received the yarn in the mail, shortly after moving back to the US last year, from a Raveler named Gossamer, appropriately enough. She and I have been internet friends for a few years based on a number of shared interests, and when she was clearing out her yarn stash last summer, I claimed this gorgeous, soft green laceweight merino in exchange for some hair toys.

YuLian and I have been following each other’s craft blogs for probably about as long as Gossamer and I have known each other online. Years ago, I won a copy of Hanataba, her gorgeous crochet shawl pattern, in a giveaway on her blog. We discussed how it had to wait for the perfect, happy colored yarn before I could start it. Gossamer’s merino was exactly what I was waiting for.

Hanataba is a beautiful pattern. YuLian is incredibly talented and writes very clear patterns, including charted diagrams! It’s simple without being too boring, and I trust that somehow, through the miracle of blocking, my stretchy little scarf is going to become a giant shawl.

I’m so grateful to both women, part of my community of internet crafting friends, for making this piece possible.