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Usually when this blog goes silent for weeks on end, it means I’ve been stalled or too busy to work on any crochet projects. But this time, my silence belies the progress I’ve been making on a whole host of projects, and the amazing things that have happened to encourage my work.

Instead of trying to share them all at once, let me go back to a day sometime last fall.

While we were still settling into our new apartment, Gene came into the kitchen while I was cooking and offered to help unpack all my yarn for me. He said he’d put it all in my little chest, pictured below, and one of the green wicker baskets we’d just purchased.


“You think it’s all going to fit in there?!”

“Yes. Why not?”

I sat down on the kitchen floor and laughed until I cried. Poor guy had no idea.

Eventually, my yarn stash found homes in the small chest, two wicker baskets, and two plastic bins in our storage closet. Gene was aghast. He really had no idea that I had so much, which in comparison to most crafters, is actually not much at all. Though I endeavor to make things and get yarn out of the house – see every present I make for friends, family, and strangers – I still seem to be acquiring yarn at a rate faster than I can work through and pass on. All of it given to me benevolent crafters who have, perhaps, reached saturation points for their own stashes.

At the beginning of February, Gene’s mother’s friend in Massachusetts contacted me asking if I’d be interested in getting some yarn from her. A friend had just unloaded a huge stash of yarn on her, more than she could ever use, and she wanted to share her good fortune with me. “Sure,” I said, “I’ll take some!”

By the end of February, Gene’s mom’s friend had sent me two unfathomably large boxes of yarn, such that I’ve expanded to having tightly tied bags of it down in our storage unit in the basement because there’s no room left in our closets. Her generosity is unbelievable.

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Then, two weeks ago, I received ANOTHER giant box of yarn from a beneficent Raveler in New Jersey, mostly black to go towards my granny square blanket, but also odds and ends of more colors to add variables to my center squares. Now I definitely want to add another 12 squares, at least. The blanket, with 144 squares already completed, even down to the ends sewn in, is getting so close to completion… 12 more shouldn’t take much time. I love how many places the yarn for it has come from.

Remember that thing about stash saturation points? I sent a bag of yarn away to my grandma, knowing she’ll use it to knit for the scarf & mitten charity her church takes part in. Then, I mailed off a box of yarn to a Raveler in Maryland, someone I’ve never met but who offered to adopt some of the pieces from Massachusetts that I wasn’t interested in unraveling. Given the opportunity to share, I threw in a few more skeins, because I’m definitely at saturation now too.

While attempting to finish up two laceweight projects for myself (more on these soon), I’m also thinking a lot about what crafts to make next that will take yarn out of my closets and basement and turn it into presents for friends, families, and strangers.