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Ages ago, the church I attend took donations of hats every winter. In anticipation of that, I made a few hats in winter 2011 (I think?) and then the hat drive didn’t happen. Those hats got packed up when we moved out, and then unpacked again when we moved back.

This past advent, I decided I had to find something to do with them. I found a charity taking hat donations for the homeless, made improvements on the four hats I’d already made, and then crocheted three more.


My favorites are the cream & brown and the maroon & gray ones.

Then, of course, it took me a few months to confirm that the charity still needed hats and then brave the post office to mail them.

But I finally did this morning!

Part of the reason I’ve been so silent, even on WIPs, lately, is that I’ve been working on a present for someone who might read about it here.


However, the package should make it there on Wednesday, which will allow me to share with you the lovely thing I made.

Until then, I remain ever yours,