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When we moved back in last fall, Gene redesigned the layout of our apartment to give me a crafting corner. It’s a pretty comfortable place to sit and work.

Some of my yarn is in the small chest, some of it’s in the green basket up top. (Most of it’s packed away in a closet.) The other green basket, here pictured on the floor, contains the squares for my long-hibernating granny square blanket.

Yes, I finally picked it up again yesterday. Instead of making excuses about needing to reorganize my project spreadsheet first, or get more black yarn, I decided to work on the simplest part of all…

Sewing in ends.

The stack on the chest, roughly 55 squares, are completed. This leaves 75 in the bin. After that, if memory serves, I have 14 more unique color combination squares to make before we lay them all down and plan how they’ll work together.

This morning, with the -1F/-18C chill seeping in around the windows, I decided to wear a heavy wool cardigan I crocheted for myself ages ago. If you click the link there, you’ll note I “finished” it back in 2010. Ha.

Confronted with dangling ends to sew in only minutes after having finished my morning coffee, I actually had the energy to do the right thing and sew them in.

Much better. Now I look academically presentable (albeit a bit bland, this really wants accessories).

Of course, now that the ends are all sewn in, I’m thinking about moving/replacing the button…