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Roughly two weeks ago, I was in China visiting my partner’s extended family. Auntie Yuming admired my knitted-look headband, and Gene’s mom bragged that I’d made her one for Christmas.

Well then, the next obvious step was to make one for Auntie Yuming.

Yarn, it turns out, was easy to find in this unfamiliar city. The LYS was even guarded by a totally pampered store dog.

The headband (pattern here) worked up quickly, just as it had twice before, and I blocked it on my suitcase in our hotel room.

However, we were left with a huge dilemma. We couldn’t find a decorative button for it. We asked Grandma, who had long ago discarded her crafting supplies. We asked her home care assistant, who misunderstood and offered me buttons off her own clothing.

Finally, we asked Auntie Yuming herself. Ever-helpful, she searched her apartment and came back to me with a handful of large buttons.

I would have felt a bit guilty about this button theft had I not been about to return the button to her.

“Auntie, I can’t tell you what I’m going to do with this button, but you’ll find out soon enough!”

She seemed bemused. I disappeared into another room, quickly stitched it on the completed headband, and returned to present it to her.

I think it was a good surprise!

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