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Recipients: Gene’s mom, my Grandma, aunts and cousin
Patterns: Crochet Flower Earrings, Snowflake Earrings

When Gene’s mom told me that the bookmark I made her for Mother’s Day was one of her favorite colors, I knew I had to make her some earrings with that thread for Christmas. I improvised one pair, made another pair just like one of my mom’s birthday earrings, and made these simple flowers:

I spent Christmas with my extended family, which meant an enjoyable small gift exchange. My Aunt Mary had once said she’d like some earrings, and I thought my Grandma might find them fun too. In the spirit of including all the women present at Christmas, I made 5 pairs. One cousin didn’t make it, so I’ll probably mail her pair to her later.

Lacking cornstarch or starching spray, I stiffened them a little using salt water. My Grandma told me years ago to use sugar water, but that seems to be asking for an an infestation of one’s jewelry box. Perhaps that’s less of a worry in the Midwest? Salt seemed the safer option. I pinned them to a couch pillow and set it on the radiator to dry them for a few hours.

Seems to have worked!