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When ordering a bunch of things for Christmas, something I’ve wanted for ages snuck into my shopping cart. Now instead of trying to surreptitiously weigh my yarn at the grocery store or post office (no, I’ve not attempted either, but I’ve been tempted!), I can be precise in the comfort of my own home!

Since much of my yarn is unraveled from sweaters or in partial skeins from other crafters, it’s difficult to estimate how much I have going in when I begin larger projects.

Before I began working on the set of red winter accessories, I weighed all the balls of it in my stash. They totaled 382 grams. The yarn is roughly aran weight, which on average has 220 yards per 100 grams (yes, I see what I just did with my units of measurement there). With 840 yards of red, I was sure I’d be able to get all that I wanted to made from that yarn.


And that’s what remains! 34.5g. I’ve no idea what to do with 76 yards of red wool. Do you?