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Saturday afternoon, I completed construction of my knit/crochet along fingerless gloves. I was so excited to wear them that, look, I couldn’t be bothered to sew the ends in before taking pictures. Fret not, I sewed them in immediately after seeing how awful they looked in the photos.


This project was my second ever project using the Tunisian crochet technique. The technique hovers between crochet and knitting, producing a fabric that feels very different. I’m not very good at it yet, but getting better. Compare the palm of the left hand’s glove with the palm on the right in the above picture. See how much more even my work has gotten?


What a gratifying project. Yarn I’d been waiting years to use, now in regular rotation in my winter clothing. A new-ish technique that I’m enjoying learning more about. And, because I’m really trying to instill it as a new habit for myself – properly sewn in ends!