What’s wrong with this shawl that we display over the back of our couch?
….I stopped working on it over 4 years ago, but didn’t actually finish it until today.

I make no secret of my dislike of sewing in ends.

But when I make gifts, somehow I always muster up the energy to tuck all the loose ends away and finish the project for good.

Not so much for myself, apparently. Why not?

I glanced down at the scarf I wore out this morning, which I “finished” over two years ago, and to my embarrassment realized that ends of the yarn were still sticking out. Shoddy looking. Unprofessional.

Earlier this afternoon, I forced myself to sit down and finish, for good, six pieces of work, some of which I wear regularly in the winter. Each project needed at least two ends sewn in. The worst one, my first piece of knitting from ages ago, not only had about a dozen loose ends, but also a giant hole held from expanding with a safety pin.

I need to go through our winter wear bin and find more projects with ends sticking out. I’ve been finishing a lot of projects lately, which I’ll share with you soon, and am feeling pretty inspired to go back and really finish all the ones I laid aside, “done enough,” years ago.