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Thinking about crochet as I was washing the dishes this morning, I realized that I’m probably better off not making those slip-stitch mitts for the knit/crochet-along. It’s not that I dislike slip stitch crochet. It’s just that it’s not particularly relaxing and I’d rather work on something that doesn’t demand too much of my attention.

So, a change in plans.

For years now, I’ve hoarded four skeins of wool that Gene’s mom bought for me in Sweden.


In 2009, I even knit with it, inspired by the armwarmers pictured below into trying to make some of my own.

The stripes in my version were too broad, the seam sewn together poorly, and I hadn’t yet learned how to make a stretchy bind off. Basically, I had made wonderfully soft fabric that was still unwearable.

It’s gotten seriously cold here recently, so I’ve been wearing my green wool mitts a lot. They’re probably my favorite pair of fingerless gloves.

I think I’ll make myself another pair, using that hoarded red yarn, maybe with a little more than just rows of hdc to make them more interesting to make. But not too much more.