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While I’m pretty good at showing off what I’ve recently finished, I’ve fallen behind on blogging about the crochet I’m still in the middle of.

I’ve joined a Knit/Crochet Along, which begins today, adding a new crochet project that I otherwise might not have tried. Instead of us all working on the same pattern, there’s a theme: wristwarmers/mittens. With two months set out for the project, whereas I can usually finish a pair of wristwarmers in a day or two, I’ve decided to go with something more challenging.

No, not knitting. Slip-stitch crochet. Using a large hook, one works mostly in slip stitches back and forth, creating a stretchy, dense fabric that looks almost knit. I’ve swatched (! I know, right? I almost never swatch!) two yarns today, one with an H hook and the other with a K hook, with the Ribbonbery pattern. I’m not convinced of either yarn, but it is clear that I should use the K hook, not the H. Experimenting with this new skill is fun so far!


In projects that have been sitting around long term, I’m still not finished with my granny cardigan, previously blogged about here.

Frustrations continue with the piece, as the directions for the hood, followed exactly, yielded this ridiculousness, laid down over a hood that’s already too small for me.

Pattern: Enigma Hooded Cardigan
I ripped out the whole hood, skipped the decrease section, began to add some nice increases, AND switched up to an E hook after a few inches of work. I haven’t touched it since the beginning of September, but I imagine I’ll get back to it after I finish this shawl for Gene’s grandmother in China.

Over 100 years old, she can’t see very well, but I think she’ll appreciate the rich, warm red. My only worry about this project how giant this is going to be once I block it! Gene’s grandmother isn’t really a tall lady. Although it would be more numerically auspicious to finish with nine full pineapples, eight is a good number too, and I’m almost that far with it. I may end there.
Pattern: Alpine Shawl

What are you working on?