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Maybe the title should include an “at last!”

“Gene, please remind me never again to do a project with so many stripes.”
“OK. Hey, you know what I think?”
“You should never again do a project with so many stripes.”
“Ha, thanks.”

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Pattern: Crocheted Baby Sweater

After the blanket, bonnet and booties, I didn’t have enough pink or yellow yarn left for a cardigan. Of the fancy yarn remaining in the treasury, I had blue and gray alpaca and some beautiful but not-baby appropriate brown and teal ribbon yarn.

Although I began a cardigan using the gray, blue and yellow together, since they were of similar weights, the colors looked wrong together. I was using an E or and F hook and it would have taken forever, so I frogged a couple hours of work and went for something totally basic, made with an H hook.

The pink, blue and yellow worked together well enough, although you can see that I ran out of pink right at the end of the body. Crocheting the cardigan didn’t take long at all.

Sewing in the ends took FOREVER.

But it’s all finished now and I can focus on other projects! I’m finishing up a stole for my grandma, in the middle of a shawl for Gene’s grandmother, and still hoping to someday finish that laceweight granny cardigan.

What are you working on?