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I made my mom three pairs of earrings for her birthday last week. Using cotton thread and a size 11 steel hook, the earrings came out delicate and stiff enough to not need blocking.

These are my favorite pair:
Pattern: Large Royal Earrings

Pattern: Round Earrings

Pattern: Improvised. I also held a thinner acrylic thread with the light green cotton for some color variation

Make an adjustable ring.
Rnd 1: ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch 1), [dc in ring, ch 1]x11. Slip stitch in third ch of ch-4. (12 dc,12 ch1 spaces)
Rnd 2: Slip stitch into first ch 1 space. Sc. [ch 5, sc in next ch 1 space] all the way around, ch 5, slip stitch in top of first sc.
Rnd 3: 2 slip stitches in first ch5 5 space. [ch5, sl in next ch 5 space] all the way around. Slip stitch in base of ch 5 space to finish.

Break thread, sew in ends, attach earring hook.