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The granny cardigan progresses along slowly and my patience with the pattern wears thin. The sweater itself is great, working on it is simple but interesting, and I can put it down without losing my place in it. The pattern is another matter. Thankfully, users on Ravelry who’ve successfully finished the pattern have made extensive notes on its many issues so I’ve known about a few of them ahead of time.

Essentially, this is one of those patterns that’s best made looking at the photo in the pattern book and referring briefly to the written instructions. The charts are helpful too. The biggest problem is that the written pattern and the charts call for bigger gaps between the stitch clusters than the sweater the model is wearing shows. Were one to make the sweater as written, rather than as pictured, the softly curving peplum would become a ruffly, billowing skirt on the bottom of the cardigan. Same with the sleeves, which would be so roomy as to detract from the delicate appearance of the whole thing.


Enough complaining. I finished the body, blocked all those pieces and sewed them together, and have now begun slowly working on the first arm. I am looking forward to wearing it sometime this fall!