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In early July, I finished the tree skirt I began work on back in February.

The entire thing isn’t crocheted, but features a crocheted border and 15 crocheted motifs on its plain felt surface.

At times, it also featured a cat named Sweety who sometimes consented to be decorated.

The lace border, as I’ve mentioned before, comes from the earliest crochet book I’ve ever read (though not the earliest in existence), published in 1846. It refuses to lie spread out without encouragement, but given its simplicity, not much is lost if it bunches up a bit instead. I thought about trying to block it, but whatever stiffness I’d manage to impart would be lost the first time the piece is washed, so it didn’t seem worth it.


Originally, I planned on only having twelve granny stars as decorations, but as Gene & I tried to lay them out in a pleasing manner, the skirt still looked rather bare. I looked at other star patterns for a while until finally settling on this snowflake motif. I made four, actually, but the fourth turned out not to be needed after all. I’ll probably add a loop of thread to it and give it away as a Christmas tree decoration.

I’m really pleased with how it all turned out!