After I hit “publish” on my post yesterday, I was greeted with this rather exciting reminder:
Picture 2

I should perhaps review where I am with my crochet and crafting work, but I was crafting and crocheting before I started this blog and will likely continue doing so long after blogging has gone the way of mix CDs and cell phones that only make phone calls.

So instead, 201 posts (counting this one) into blogging, what’s going on with this blog?

I’ve apparently had 16000+ page views, the great majority of which come from America, with the UK as a trailing second.

When people use search terms to get here, rather than following direct links, it seems most already know the blog exists. Some come here because I posted all those entertaining (to me) filet crochet charts for things like eagles, squirrels and that dog that looked like a dinosaur.

Picture 3

Some of the most amusingly odd search terms which have ended up with two visitors include:

  • crochet can be so ugly
  • to take off the little hair from the mouth
  • women with nothing on but wool cardigan
  • oven squirrel pattern
  • maxi pad coloring page
  • quotation marks, hand drawn
  • I imagine those readers were somewhat more disappointed. WordPress doesn’t store the terms that only bring one visitor, but I did save a particular one from last March, where someone was looking for “my cousin erin with sunglasses and cap.”

    Anyway, blogging remains fun, when I remember to do it, so I imagine I’ll be around for another 100 posts, at least. And I’m a nerd about the stats page and love the data I get, just for the sake of loving data.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂