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Now that my cousins have gotten the package with all these tiny, delightful pieces, I can share them with you too!

I fell in love with this teal yarn when nearly despairing over all the ugly and boring yarn colors at a nearby stationery store. I originally just bought enough for the cardigan and booties, but kept going back for more until I’d made a matchy-matchy set in all different sizes! Good, because I think the poor child would be made into a bit of an eyesore wearing them all at once. You’ll recognize the neon green from two previous projects I’ve shared here. I’m down to the absolute last of that stuff!

Bobbly bonnet
Pattern here

This bonnet was a personal challenge – not the making of it, as it turned out, but the embarking upon making it. Early on in my years of crochet, I tried to make some project that involved bobbles. I couldn’t make the stitch without frustration. I didn’t have the skill to smoothly work through all the accumulated loops on my hook to complete the bobble. So I wrote bobbles off and thereby avoided any pattern including them. What changed? The photo for this pattern on Ravelry was far too cute and I thought I should probably give bobbles another chance. Glad I did!

Bombay love
Pattern here

I’ve made a couple of these before. I love this pattern.

Booties 1 & 2
Pattern 1 here
Pattern 2 here

I’ve also used both these patterns before, and they are both easy and satisfying to crochet.

Diaper cover
Pattern here

I found this pattern because I’m stalking my cousin’s crochet board on Pinterest, planning to make some of the things she pins for babies because I don’t imagine she has much time to herself to make them all. Once I get back to Chicago with the body of my yarn stash, there are a few other patterns I’ve found this way that I plan on making.