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I got this dress at a rummage sale last May for $3. I bought it because I liked how weird it was, with its asymmetric blouse and stripes on the diagonal, but some other quirks prevented me from wearing it very often.

For one, the tight elastic waist sat about two inches above my actual waist.

Then there was the puffiness of the too-short sleeves to object to, along with the strings at the waist meant to attach a long lost belt. It was also missing a button on one cuff and the stitching was ripping out under the arms.

Yes, I brought this weird dress with me when we moved, even though I’ve worn it maybe twice in all of the ten months we’ve been here. Protip: Don’t pack your clothing for a year away while exhausted and frazzled. I’ve no idea why I thought this dress, in its original state, was worth the luggage space.

After giving the poor thing its second chance two weeks ago, I decided more drastic measures were necessary to bring it into greater rotation with the rest of my wardrobe.

Off came the sleeves, which was a start towards making this wearable.

Then I cut across the shoulders and folded down the back half and gave the raw edges on the front a new hem. Using a piece of scrap fabric as a temporary halter tie, I tried the dress on, made some darts in the new back, and sewed!

By the way, since my sewing machine is in America, this was all done by hand.

I don’t have a photo of it, but I took the sleeves, cut them into strips, and then sewed the strips into three long strands, which I braided together into a cord. This cord became the strap for my new, summery halter dress.



It was 35C(95F) out when I took these pictures and the dress was perfect for the weather.