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A few years ago, I started keeping my hair up in a bun with one or two sticks, rather than using an elastic and pins. It’s easier on my hair and definitely less time consuming to put up. A few twists around, a stick or two through the resulting knob, and I’m ready to go!


Hair sticks are difficult to find in your average store. Online there are many people selling particularly gorgeous ones, but they’re also superbly expensive, meaning I can’t afford them.

Two Christmases ago, I asked my brother to buy me some pretty chopsticks with the plan that I’d make hair sticks out of them. Gene and I worked out how to shorten the long sticks using a pencil sharpener – otherwise the long pointy end looked ridiculous and stuck me in the neck more often than not. Then we filed the ends smooth with a nail file (since I didn’t want to go buy sandpaper) and varnished over them with discount nail polish. Masking tape around the end gave the nail polish a clean demarcation line when the colored differed too much from the stick itself.


It worked really well and I had some pretty looking sticks as a result.

I asked for more chopsticks for my birthday earlier this year. Just last week, I got around to shortening and painting all of them and now I have more hair sticks than I quite know what to do with!

Here they are afterwards – minus the two I already had in my hair:

Here’s how Gene figured out how to store them and my jewelry – a silverware tray. It’s perfect.