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Elizabeth Hiddleson was a prolific crochet designer in the mid 20th century, but there’s little about her on the internet. The most complete information I could find about her cites no sources – perhaps one of my biggest peeves thanks to graduate school. I would have loved an obituary, at the very least. She designed hundreds of patterns, authored dozens of crochet books, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there on her.

Perhaps, then, it’s best then to let her speak for her self, from 1961, and then show you some of the charming elements of this thin book I picked up at a library book sale in 2006. She sounds like a truly kind person, invested in her craft.


In 2006, when I got this, such patterns looked so annoyingly intricate that I never imagined I’d want to try any of them. Now, I admit I find some of them gorgeous. I might not want the tables of my home covered in doilies, but I know there are many other uses for such sweetness.

A couple of my favorites from this book:
Honey Comb

Tropical Path, which is apparently:

In 1959, Hawai’i became the 50th U.S. state. This volume has a few patterns incorporating pineapples in particular celebration of Hawai’i’s statehood. I believe this is one of them.