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After feeling intensely frustrated with two of my current works-in-progress, I decided I needed to make something simple and comforting. That’s tough to do when my yarn stash at the moment consists mostly of cotton thread, lace weight wool and fingering weight cashmere. Luckily, I had a partial ball of Jo-ann Sensations Soles & More sock yarn left from knitting my brother a scarf last summer. This is a nice, squishy yarn in colors that make me happy (and my only variegated yarn, actually).

I had two options – make it into something my brother could wear/give to his girlfriend, or maybe make it into something for the baby my cousin is expecting this fall. I sent my brother an email asking him to choose and set to swatching, something that I never ever do normally.

I wanted to see how the yarn came out in crochet. I’d knit with it before because I wanted the patterns to show better, but I planned on crocheting with it this time.
1) Didn’t bring any knitting needles with me when we moved.
2) Knitting bores me nearly to tears.

I first made a swatch of back and forth rows of double crochet:

Then unraveled that and tried to see how it looked in the round, first with single crochet, then with double crochet.

I admit, it does look better knitted, but it doesn’t look terrible crocheted.

Finally, having heard nothing back from my brother, I started in on a hat, using this totally underrated hat pattern I tried out last December.

I had fun working on it again, only to discover halfway through that there wasn’t enough yarn! I’d made a stretchy wool yarmulke!

Meanwhile, Grant replied and said his girlfriend might appreciate some fingerless gloves. Perfect. I also discovered that my vintage Pauline Denham Tulare wool matched the blue of this yarn exactly, giving me an idea for how to extend this partial ball into a completed item.

The backs of the hands are variegated while the palms use the solid blue. I finished around the top edge with a row of single crochet and a row of crab stitch.


The circle of variegated yarn is all I have left of the Soles & More. Maybe I’ll actually take its name into account and make some baby slippers out of what remains.