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Remember when I asked for opinions on edgings from Mrs. Gaugain’s Crochet D’Oyley Book, published in 1846?

Probably not, it was three months ago, after all.

In the end, I chose edging #3, which I figured would lie flat better and not have points that would be difficult to keep pointy after a washing.
Picture 12

The edging is for a new Christmas tree skirt I’m making for my parents. This past Christmas when they were out of the country and we borrowed their Christmas decorations, I was reminded how little I like their current one:

I laid it out on a large piece of felt and cut out a new circle with the same dimensions.

The edging was simple enough although slightly unclear thanks to its early terminology. I fudged a bit on the last row because it didn’t seem as if the instructions were suggesting something that would stay balanced. The picture ended up being a bigger help than the text.

I decided to make twelve granny stars for the 12 days of Christmas to embellish the surface.

Just last week, I finished the twelfth star (although I seem to have misplaced it!) and now I can block them a little, stitch them to the felt, and this project will be complete!