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Back in March, once I got into writing a lot every day, I discovered that crocheting during my breaks gave me achy wrists. So my plan for making something mindless and pretty ended there.

I did start on the Rosetta Lacy Dress, but two things hampered my progress:
1) Even just a single row led to achy wrists.
2) It required more attention to the pattern than I imagined it would.


And, when I finished all my writing in mid-April and picked it back up again, I sailed past a part where I needed to begin decreasing on the sides. I went past by enough rows that unraveling and picking up again where it would be correct felt more like work, less like relaxation. So that’s hibernating for a while.


In January, I began working on the Schoolmarm Vest, using that same navy cashmere. The shape seemed to be coming out oddly (more of a parallelogram rather than a rectangle) but I assumed that blocking would fix it.


I set the project aside in February because it was more than I could handle at the time. This past Sunday, thinking about my works-in-progress, I remembered that there really wasn’t that much left of the body shaping part to do and after that I really only had the button band, which looked simple. Imagine my intense frustration when I took the project back out and with fresh eyes saw that the parallelogram shape was due to an error I carried through, row after row. I’ve gotten so used to following charts that instead of reading the written pattern well, I’d gone with how I thought the stitch pattern looked. Stupid mistake.

I need to unravel the whole thing, there’s no avoiding that conclusion. I’m too annoyed with myself to to that now, however, so back into the drawer it goes.

Woe is me.