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Or, the thread I just used for the shawl hanging in my living room and what I’m hoping to use in a dress. 


All along, I’ve known it’s old, but not from when or even really who made it. The label isn’t clear, but I realized instead of searching for the thread name, I should probably use the generic sounding company name.

According to the internet, it’s from sometime between the 1931 and before whenever bankruptcy occurred and the name became “Textiles, Inc.”

1931, The Gray, Separk and Armstrong families merged their interests.  The Rankin Group and A.G. Myers & Associates joined.  Soon twenty-one plants were included.  This was the beginning of Threads, Inc., which represented about twenty-two percent of the combed-cotton sales yarn in the South.  Still, it was not enough and bankruptcy followed.  Threads, Inc. became Textiles, Inc.  In 1978, Textiles, Inc. became Ti-Caro, Inc. to reflect the growth outside of sales yarn and also into adjacent states.  In April 1987, Dixie Yarns, Inc.,  Chatanooga, TN acquired Ti-Caro for stock worth $70 million. (Ray Clune, Daily News Record, March 2, 1987)