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March edit: The previous post with its neon green yarn reminded me of the wearable I made with it. Not for me, for our borrowed cat, thank goodness. I sat on this draft waiting to take a better picture, but never got the chance and the cat’s home with my parents now. Instead, you get a picture of him looking rather surly, although he actually liked wearing the hoodie when it was really cold.


Pattern: Cat Hoodie. This is a knitting pattern, but with a little creativity and a basic understanding of how knitting works, it’s not too hard to crochet from it instead.
Recipient: Shadow/Dou-dou the cat


Alright, this wasn’t really a Christmas present, but I finished it a few days after Christmas and “gave” it to the cat, so that still counts, right?

We don’t have indoor heat in our apartment. Gene has a space heater in his study, but aside from that, it’s been down to 14C indoors once or twice already this winter. Not cat weather. I started making this as a joke for the cat, but he surprisingly tolerates it and has learned how to walk in such a way that he doesn’t walk out of the sleeves.

He’s still not so sure about the hood, however.