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While still thinking about which dress to start on, I found a repetitive enough pattern in my Ravelry queue to work on for the time being.

For those of you in cold climates where the leaves fall in autumn, this scarf must look pretty good about now. For the rest of us, living where flowers have bloomed all through winter, this scarf looks a little garish…


I bought the bright green yarn for a different project originally, but it didn’t work out at all. I’m left with far too much of this sport weight acrylic (a nice, squishy acrylic, at least) and no desire to ever wear it.

Which reminds me, I do already have a wearable object I made out of this yarn that I really need to share with you. Not wearable for me, however.

Pattern: Branching Leaves Scarf
It’s no longer available but a few people have the chart saved and in their project photos.
Made for: ?? Any ideas?