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Blue shawl: Aphrodite Shawl. Not a pattern for the fainthearted because it hasn’t been charted yet. As such, the text directions are kind of a nightmare and take some experience with similar patterns to decipher.
Made for: the living room
Made with: Coverette Thread , held double, from a rummage sale. This is the thread I might use for the dress I’m imagining making.

I haven’t blocked it yet and it shows, especially down around the edging. I modified the last three rows of the pattern to give me more widely spaced points, but until I block it, they aren’t going to show.

I’m a little wary of the bright pink mattress I used for blocking previously. We’ve had some problems with mold in our apartment and I don’t want to wet block the shawl on something absorbent that already smells a little musty. I’ll just leave it unblocked until I have an iron again and a better blocking surface. It’s fine for what it is, something pretty in our living room.

The mold is the whole reason why we have the blue cloth room dividers, actually. We used to have decorative sticks from Ikea, but in a scene not unlike one you might see in a (boring) horror film, we discovered them covered in mold in early February. The living room and dining room need some visual separation, so we’ve got clothes drying racks with homemade cheap cloth hangings and now two shawls. Doesn’t look half bad, actually.

Cream shawl(last seen here): Pineapple fan shawl
Made for: me, October 2009, meant as “wings” for a Halloween costume that didn’t work out. Not just the wings, the whole costume. I put far too much time into making something that I felt was like a masquerade ball swan and ended up with everyone thinking I was an angel. Bah. At least I got two years out of the costume.
Made with: recycled wool blend