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Dear readers, I need a little help picking out a new project.

Last week, when I began working on my dissertation writing in earnest, I found it helpful to take a break sometimes and crochet half a row on the shawl I was working on. Notebook and pen close at hand, the meditative aspect of repetitive motion gave me the chance to put together some insights that significantly helped me figure out where this section of the chapter is going.

But I finished the shawl and my only WIP is the Schoolmarm Vest that requires more attention than I wish to give right now. And the last thing I need is another shawl, even though there are so many beautiful patterns out there.

I’m thinking of a seamless dress. A big project with long sections of space to cover, without a lot of complicated parts. Something that doesn’t require too much problem solving while I’m working on it so that I can focus on solving the problems with my dissertation.

I’m considering either committing all of my navy cashmere to this dress:
Rosetta Lacy Dress

Picture 3

or using my cones of blue thread (either as a single strand with a small hook, or held doubly with a larger hook, must swatch, bah) for one of the following two dresses:

Organdy Ribbon Dress

This looks extremely simple, and I can begin with the skirt so if I run out of thread, I’ll still have something wearable. The one person who’s completed the pattern has detailed notes and it doesn’t look too difficult. The one potential issue I see with it is that my thread doesn’t stretch much and if I want the dress/skirt to be fitted, I’m going to need to come up with a zipper or button solution.


Häkelkleid im Stil von Mariella Burani

This one looks less simple, possibly counter to my wish to find a pattern that isn’t too involved. But some of the examples of finished ones on Ravelry look so good! (Although, some of them look not-so-good, so that has me worried too.)

Any thoughts?