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I’ve had a pretty awful week up until this point.  So tonight I’m contemplating a new crochet project.  It’s a simple one that requires edging around a piece of felt, so it’s definitely not a new source of stress.

A couple nights ago, I happened upon Mrs. Gaugain’s Crochet D’Oyley Book, volumes 1-3, published in 1846 and 1847.  These are some of the earliest examples of crochet patterns, and the simplicity of the stitches involved plus the great detail in explaining them seems to show that most readers wouldn’t have been familiar with the craft.

I think I’d like to edge this fabric (more on the nature of the project later) with one of the four edgings in her first volume.  Help me pick which one?

Edging #1


Edging #2


Edging #3


Edging #4


I find #2 a little boring and #4 a little busy, but what do you think?