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Pattern: detailed below
Recipient: Grant’s girlfriend.

On the left is my first attempt, using the mysteriously named Coverette thread and a size 11 hook. I based them off of the infinitely better looking Wicker Park Earrings by muggytuesday.

On the right is my second attempt, using a coarse sewing thread, size 11 hook. It still felt a bit too big to give to someone with whose fashion tastes I am unfamiliar.

In the center below is my third attempt, based on motif 89 here before I found the charts here. Still used the sewing thread and the size 11 hook.

My fourth attempt, on the right, used motif 92 from the charts linked above. Very pretty, but big. I kept these ones for myself and then promptly lost one. I’ll get around to making its replacement someday, I’m sure.


In the end, I sent the flowers based on motif 89. Like the Christmas llamas?