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It seemed ridiculous to start crocheting wool when I started this cowl in early October, but the nights have taken on an edge that surprises me. It’s so cold in Chicago right now that a light mohair cowl wouldn’t do me much good, but there have been times here when I’ve been glad to have it.

I used the pattern Neck Lace Mohair Cowl, which has some very pretty pictures on Ravelry. It’s an easy pattern which could do with having a newly drawn chart, but what’s there was still quite helpful.

The lace pattern was really only visible when I blocked it. The yarn I used is probably more like fingering weight or light DK, rather than lace, so the airy effect is a bit lost.

If I made another, I think I’d make the lace strip wider from the start and then make it a couple inches longer before sewing the ends together. As it stands now, I have a nice scarf loop, but not really a functional cowl that could also drape over my head.